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Criminal Defense Lawyer & Civil Litigation attorney
Areas of PracticeAdministrative Law Public School hearings, School discipline Vehicle Forfeiture Hearings MVD; traffic tickets Motor Vehicle Division / Driver’s license Suspension and Revocation hearings Professional license hearings – Nursing Board, Veterinary Board et al 
College and University admissions, grade challenges, University discipline Appeals Criminal Law - Criminal Defense                 Driving While Intoxicated and Driving under the Influence cases (DWI / DUI)
​ Criminal Defense; Child Abuse and all level of felony Criminal Defense; white collar crimes, homicide, sexual offenses, driving offenses.                 Constitutional Law                 1st Amendment: Freedom of Speech                 2nd Amendment: Right to bear Arms                 4Th Amendment: Search and Seizures                 5th Amendment:  Right to Remain Silent                 6th Amendment:  Right to Effective Assistance of Counsel Child Abuse &Neglect hearings                 Representing Children in Divorce and Custody proceedings                 Representing Children in Foster Care proceedings                Representing Parents in Foster Care proceedings Representing Parents in Termination of Parental Rights cases and Litigation with the Children Youth and Families Department; Guardian ad lietm, Child Abuse and Neglect Governmental Relations (except the State of New Mexico)

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